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BxChip® - 6

BxChip® - 6

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Small tissue, 6-lane BxChip® (50 chips per 1 bottle)

The BxChip is a patented Sectionable Matrix. It can hold up to six biopsy core specimens throughout
lab processing. One study reported the following benefits of using the BxChip in their urology lab:

  • Histologic tissue surface area (mm2) increased by an average of 14.5% on the glass slide.
  • Biopsy core length increased by an average of 31.8%.
  • Most notably, the overall cancer detection rate increased by 9.3% (49.5% to 58.8%)!

Labs using the BxChip also see an average of 78% reduction in grossing time, an 83% reduction in embedding, and a 76% decrease in total lab time per prostate case.

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